It’s time to sharpen those blades


Businesses and non-profits, especially small ones, often think that the words “marketing” or “public relations” are synonymous with big budgets, and consequently are out of reach.

Not so. With a budget of very little, and I mean, very little, the spotlight can shine on your shop, church or charity. What is needed, much more than money, is a plan and the determination to follow it.

A guy once said to me that some folks are so busy cutting that they never take time to sharpen the blades. They work feverishly, not knowing that every day their productivity and effectiveness are tanking.

Wise words.

I’m a firm believer of not fixing things that are unbroken. (Pardon the double negative.) If your business, ministry or charity is plugging along on word of mouth and existing customers/supporters, it’s obvious you are doing something right! Congrats.

But if not, it may be time to sharpen the blades.

Call or email me and let me see if there’s a way I can help. There’s no charge for an initial consultation. There are so many free opportunities available today to promote your business or non-profit, let’s put some of those to work for you.


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