‘You’re not gonna break stuff’


Constant Contact recently posted a great presentation on LinkedIn’s SlideShare.net. Creators contacted a variety of pros in business and non-profit marketing and other fields and asked them to provide one sentence on how to get started in social media. It was interesting to see points repeated among the panel, and just as interesting to read the unique insights. My favorite came from “Joey C,” creator of “Good Morning Gloucester.”

“You’re not gonna break stuff, just get started.”

With social media platforms abundant and seemingly growing in number every day, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. Sure, many of us are casual users of Facebook, Instagram, etc., but using those tools for fundraising or business may seem a tall order for someone who, until recently, was mostly interested in just seeing photos of the kids and grandkids.

Pick one platform and give it a go. Like Joey, I promise you won’t break the InterWebz.

Check out the excellent advice from the Constant Contact presentation here:

50 Tips for Getting Started on Social Media


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