Adventures of Chip de ‘Ville (snow fun)


Hello all. Chip here.

I hate snow. I hate cold. I hate rain. The photo above is representative of my attitude regarding outdoor activities in these conditions: “I’m waiting! Open the door … now!”

I’m not being difficult. I’m being honest to my (mostly) Mexican breeding. For a peek at some of the terrain which bears my breed’s name*


Average temperature, 75 delicious degrees according to an article on a certain free online encyclopedia.

Nothing so clearly reveals the inequality of the stations designated for canines, felines and homo sapiens than the current weather in the ‘Ville. Cats and people evidently are members of a rarified class that “do their business,” indoors. Someone please show me the rule book that states I, as a canine, must go outside to relieve myself.

It doesn’t take much snow to render a parking lot or lawn impassable for me. One wrong step and I’m in over my head, literally. Additionally is the indignity of being dressed like an argyle-encased kielbasa. I must point out that, even with the sweater, my feet and backside are as bare as the day I was born. Brrrr.

In fairness I should point out that Prue** seems cognizant (as much as any biped with opposable thumbs can be) of my challenges. This morning, she donned her winter ensemble, left me indoors and headed out into the elements to scout a location before stuffing me into the sweater. She also carried me through the deeper parts. Her reconnoiter is necessary because we live in a condo; the “grounds” are copious, not our own, and it’s not possible to just scoot me out the back door.

We ran across a simple but clever idea on Pinterest the other day. If you have a small dog and a yard, I cannot recommend it enough. Before the snow comes, scout out a place near the door and lay down a tarp. Post-snowfall, lift a corner of the tarp and voila, a snow-free spot on which your canine may take care of business.

The American Veterinary Medical Association has these tips on taking good care of your pets in cold weather. Give it a look.

We are hoping to get back to park-hopping soon, so keep watching this space for the latest installment.

Here’s hoping for an early spring!


*Photo of Chihuahua Desert near Sierra Blanca, Texas, by Ricraider, September 2013.

**Person Responsible for Ultimately Everything


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