Adventures of Chip de ‘Ville (This dog’s life)


Hi all. Chip here.

My day-to-day life is mostly uncomplicated but having lived with Prue* since last September, I am beginning to see some complexities in my role as companion.

She has few expectations from me, except my presence, which is reassuring. Certainly I have much to offer, but I also require a great deal of sleep, so I prefer to reveal my many skills and talents gradually, lest I get too much on my plate–or supper dish as it were.


For some bipeds, the greatest gift a pet provides is a measure of helplessness. I depend on Prue for, well, ultimately everything, thus I give her a reason to get out of bed each day, get dressed and go outside. When I hear noises in the hall or see strangers in the parking lot, I manufacture the most pathetic sounds of distress I can manage so Prue finds it necessary to comfort and reassure me of her presence and protection.

She eats it up like ice cream.

When she gets down, it’s my job to make her laugh. When she comes home I skitter across the slick kitchen floor and immediately attack her feet, clawing at her shoes and rendering her immobile lest she step on me. She especially enjoys this production when she’s been gone only long enough to pick up the mail from the lobby.

“Yes, it’s always good to see you, too,” she comments sweetly, if somewhat condescendingly.

She finds it hysterically funny that my preferred chew toy is her hand. What can I say, it’s convenient and malleable, and I am an expert at apply non-painful pressure. (Note: I never try this on other humans. I’m selective with my chew toys.)

She often requires extra cuddling. Rather than being satisfied with having my toasty self pressed against her leg, she gathers me up in her arms and we stare at each other while she strokes my head. For some reason, I cannot sleep resting on her arm, so I just stare at her until she dozes off. She opens her eyes and there I am, looking right back at her.

She says this is comforting and creepy at the same time, which I find delightful!

Even in our short time together, I’ve come to realize she needs me and depends on me, possibly only slightly more than I need her.

She assures me it isn’t a competition but if it were, I’d be winning.

Later, Chip

*Person Responsible for Ultimately Everything

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