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Monthly Archives: April, 2016

Adventures of Chip de ‘Ville (So many parks, so little time)

Hi all. Chip here. As you can see, I’ve been all in clover lately. What a late, but great, Spring it has been. I’ve been so busy collecting photos and … Continue reading

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Krakauer case could help break college wall of silence

There’s an important case being heard at the Montana Supreme Court today. Journalist/author Jon Krakauer’s efforts could help break a wall of silence at those college campuses where rape often … Continue reading

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More on press releases, newsjacking

Last week, Marketing Monday focused on press releases. I ran across a great article with links to several other resourcesĀ on the topic that I think are helpful in a couple … Continue reading

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Soundtrack of a lifetime

“Oh no.” I said it to the dog, the ether, the universe yesterday, like many people, when checking my Twitter feed. Prince had died. I said the same sad, pointless … Continue reading

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Spring Scenes

It took some time, and a few false starts and late freezes, but Spring finally made it to Kentucky, and what a Spring it is. The dogwoods, pink and white, … Continue reading

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News to you, news to us

Deep commitment to a business or cause often creates single-mindedness in a person. As a public relations professional, one of my most frustrating tasks is attempting to convince such people … Continue reading

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Avoid the Boil Over

There are those in leadership positions who embrace the philosophy, “If you aren’t making someone unhappy, you’re not doing your job right.” In some cases, this may be true. I … Continue reading

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