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Adventures of Chip de ‘Ville (Happy Birthday to Me!)


Hello all. Chip here.

Despite my Magic Eye of Discernment & Sensitivity, there are some things I just don’t get.

Yesterday, Prue* took me to the doc’s. Never a good time for me, yet Prue insists on it, and even thanks the bipeds who poke, prod, and stab my fragile, adorable, and diminutive body.

(Am I setting a tone appropriate for the generation of maximum guilt? Good.)

Upon our return home, Prue unpacked a box of medicine, then compared it to a similar medication she’s been giving me each month for the past year.

And then, everything went really weird. Prue starts talking, rapidly, to herself, then grabs the phone and start jabbing, muttering, re-jabbing, etc., until she finds someone else to talk to. Before I turn around twice (which I often do before I settle in for a nap), she’s off the phone, sitting on the floor in the hall and looking like a doctor just jabbed her three times in the keister.

I’ve never seen her so unstrung. She looked awful and was making weird noises and her face was all wet. Assuming some sort of fit, I felt I needed to keep an eye on her … so to speak, so I joined her in the hall, gave her a cuddle and a coupla licks on the nose.

The next hour or so was slightly more normal, although she still sounded very odd and her face and nose were really red. I take a nice long nap followed by our usual mid-to-late-afternoon walk … my personal favorite ’cause it’s when I get to wallow in the warm grass … and before I know it, we’re back at the doc’s office.

Aww, hell no!

Another stick, more weird noises and a wet face from Prue … and we’re back home. It’s time for kibble, a Greenie, and all is right with the world.

And today … we had meatloaf!

Like I said, some things I just don’t get.

Later, Chip!

*Person Responsible for Ultimately Everything

(Editor’s note: Hi all. Prue here. Yesterday, I realized that since I adopted Chip almost exactly one year ago, the topical I’ve been giving him monthly did not include a heartworm preventative. Convinced that my stupidity had infected my dear friend with deadly parasites, I had a brief emotional breakdown. Some quick research, heartfelt virtual handholding from several Facebook friends and family, followed by an emergency on-site test by the amazing professionals at

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