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Foto Phriday (A Fairly clear choice)


Last month I joined a couple of high school friends for a trip to the Kentucky State Fair. I’m a fair geek from way back. And, as our primary purpose was conversation and companionship, my friends were fine with me maneuvering us through the hallowed halls of the West Wing of the Kentucky State Fair & Expo Center where my favorite fair destinations reside.

One of them, clearly, is the honey display.

I’m not sure why, except those jars of golden loveliness remind me of: the amazing construction and mission of honeybees; my Papaw, who kept bees; and biscuits.

For the uninitiated, the color of the honey is determined by the flora upon which the bees visit. Some clover honeys are so light they resemble corn syrup. By comparison, my family discovered, honey derived from cucumber blossoms is darker than maple syrup and burns like hot sauce.

In the dark, gloomy winter days to come, I hope I’ll remind myself to return to my state fair photos. I’m sure they will lift my spirits.


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