Foto Phriday (Bluegrass)


There wasn’t much fall color on the trees during a recent Sunday-afternoon drive into the Bluegrass, but there was still plenty of orange to be found at Happy Jack’s Pumpkin Farm in Franklin County.

And a different sort of green …


The first stop was Bridgeport, an unincorporated burg just over the county line. My dad attended, and played basketball, when this school accommodated all grades. Eventually it transitioned to an elementary school, and now is an apartment complex. I’m so glad to see it being used.


From Happy Jack’s, we drove to Midway and captured these images before having dinner at the Grey Goose.






Adventures of Chip de ‘Ville (A love story)


Hi all, Chip here.

I’m a lucky dog. Since moving in with Prue*, I’ve met several of her friends and family. They are a good bunch, and recently one has risen to the top, Auntie Sheila.

She and Prue have known each other since something they call “fifth grade,” which evidently means forever. There have been pretty long gaps of them not staying in touch, but this year Auntie Sheila and her husband moved to Louisville, so the gals are back in each other’s orbit.

Prue loves to take photos but since I’ve come into her life, she’s found it difficult to use what she refers to as her “big girl camera” because I’m frequently at the end of one of her wrists. Recently, Auntie Sheila road shotgun on a Sunday afternoon trip east of Louisville into the Bluegrass Region. It cemented our relationship. Can’t you see the love?

sheilanchip1 sheilanchipsheilanchip2

*Person Responsible for Ultimately Everything

On the street(s) where we (don’t) live


Hi all. Chip here.

Just a quick post from the intersection of Indian Summer and Fall, also known as the “layering season.” The mornings are cool and often require a sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket, but odds are you’ll forget those at the office or school because by the end of the day, the temperature will have soared into the 70s or even higher. Prue* has been putting the top down on the car in the sunshiny afternoons but by dusk it’s time to button up for the drive home.

In this time of transition, we are still seeing bright colors of summer here and there, alongside the appearance of gold, bronze, and an abundance of orange.

sheilaflower flowersklondike yellow


We love this little driveway lending library on our walking circuit.


And the yards are transforming, in very peculiar fashion. I haven’t decided exactly how I feel about this. It looks somewhat ominous.


*Person Responsible for Ultimately Everything

Writer at work


I get it. You are a busy small-business owner who is marketing on a shoestring. Or perhaps you lead a community non-profit that relies almost exclusively on volunteer labor. It would take a walk-in closet to store all the hats you wear. It’s laughable to think of taking a class or even attending a seminar to improve your writing skills. English class was a long time ago, and sometimes you aren’t sure about a verb tense or word choice. You know you could get more views and click-throughs on your social media posts if you could punch up your copy, but there’s never any time.

The next time you are in a doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room, find yourself a few minutes early to pick up the kids, or every open checkout at the grocery store is stacked four deep, take a few minutes to learn, or more likely, re-learn a little something about good writing with these resources:

How Not to Confuse These Commonly Confused Words from Writer’s Relief

12 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You a Better Writer from HootSuite

Be a Better Writer in 15 Minutes: 4 TED-Ed Lessons on Grammar and Word Choice

30 Power Words that Convert on Social Media by Chelsea Alves on Classy.org

Still stuck? A professional wordsmith isn’t as pricey as you think. Give me a call. The initial consultation is free.

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