Current situation

Brandy: “What was that noise?”

Chip: “It’s just PRUE* making her ‘infuriated’ sound.”

Aussie: “Did someone say ‘fur?'”

Chip: “Not the same thing.”

Aussie: “What happened? Who screwed up? Was it me?”

Brandy/Chip: “It was me.”

Brandy: “I peed on the carpet by the dining room table.”

Chip: “I thought that meant I could go, too, so I peed by the TV.”

Brandy: “Oh, so it’s my fault you peed next to the TV?!”

Chip: “Just sayin’.”

Aussie: “Look, her face is turning red and, wow, that’s a lot of paper towels there.”

Prue: “What in the world do you think it means when I put on your collar and leash and take you outside in the dark in my bare feet and nightgown at 11:30 at night? It means TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUSINESS!”

Brandy: “What’s she saying?”

Prue: “And then, what does Aussie do, first thing this morning? I take her outside and she does nothing, zero, zip, nada. Just sniffing and taking a sightseeing tour of the same spots she sees four times every fricking day of her life.”

Aussie: “I heard my name. I thought she was mad at you two.”

Brandy: “What’s ‘fricking?’ Uh oh. She’s getting more paper towels.”

Chip: “Here comes the lecture.”

Prue: “And now here I am trying to work and you all are looking at me like ‘I need to go out. When are we going out? Why can’t we go out?'”

Brandy: “Her voice changed on that last part.”

Chip: “That’s supposed to be us talking.”

Aussie. “Weird. I don’t remember saying anything.”

Prue: “I have zero sympathy for anyone too stupid to empty his bladder and bowels when he KNOWS that is specifically why he is being taken outside!”

Aussie: “We’re girls. She’s talking about you.”

Chip: “You wish. ‘He’ means all of us.”

Brandy: “That’s sexist.”

Aussie: “What does it mean when she puts her hands on her hips and her glasses slip down her nose?”

Prue: “You know what? You three can just deal with it. Clench those sphincters like we higher mammals have to and DEAL WITH IT!”

Aussie/Brandy/Chip: “What’s a sphincter?”

Prue: “Don’t you sass me!”

Chip: “She’s really ticked off.”

Brandy: “Is that like ‘cheesed off?’ Our people say ‘cheesed off.'”

Aussie/Chip: “Cheese? Where?”

Prue: “You think you call the shots around here? I don’t think so. You can’t just do your business whenever you are in the mood. It’s not like I’m here to be at your beck and call.”

Chip: “Silly woman.”

Long silence. Paper towels. Spray bottle. Trash can. Paper towels. Trash can.

Prue: “Move.”

Prue: “No.”

Prue. “Leave.”

Chip: “Uh oh. We’ve moved on to the seething one-syllable replies.”

Aussie: “What’s a syllable?”

Chip: “Now comes the silent treatment. Girls, it’s time to cue the adoring looks, and, go!”

Prue: “Aww hell. Where are my shoes?”

*Person Responsible for Ultimately Everything

Adventures of Chip de ‘Ville (A love story)


Hi all, Chip here.

I’m a lucky dog. Since moving in with Prue*, I’ve met several of her friends and family. They are a good bunch, and recently one has risen to the top, Auntie Sheila.

She and Prue have known each other since something they call “fifth grade,” which evidently means forever. There have been pretty long gaps of them not staying in touch, but this year Auntie Sheila and her husband moved to Louisville, so the gals are back in each other’s orbit.

Prue loves to take photos but since I’ve come into her life, she’s found it difficult to use what she refers to as her “big girl camera” because I’m frequently at the end of one of her wrists. Recently, Auntie Sheila road shotgun on a Sunday afternoon trip east of Louisville into the Bluegrass Region. It cemented our relationship. Can’t you see the love?

sheilanchip1 sheilanchipsheilanchip2

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On the street(s) where we (don’t) live


Hi all. Chip here.

Just a quick post from the intersection of Indian Summer and Fall, also known as the “layering season.” The mornings are cool and often require a sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket, but odds are you’ll forget those at the office or school because by the end of the day, the temperature will have soared into the 70s or even higher. Prue* has been putting the top down on the car in the sunshiny afternoons but by dusk it’s time to button up for the drive home.

In this time of transition, we are still seeing bright colors of summer here and there, alongside the appearance of gold, bronze, and an abundance of orange.

sheilaflower flowersklondike yellow


We love this little driveway lending library on our walking circuit.


And the yards are transforming, in very peculiar fashion. I haven’t decided exactly how I feel about this. It looks somewhat ominous.


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Foto Phriday (Rending Required)


PeeWee Park is smack dab in the middle of a lovely neighborhood that is fast becoming one of my favorites here in our neck of Louisville. It has been almost swampy this summer, which I assume explains why this small greenspace with picnic tables, a paddle ball court, and playground even exists. Were the drainage better, I’m confident there would be houses filling the space, and Chip and I would never have had reason to visit the neighborhood.

A visual interruption to the idyllic setting is the chain link fence separating the park from the back/side yards of a dozen or more homes. The barrier, of course, is necessary for several reasons, not the least of which are the number of dogs who live on the perimeter.

Although I don’t know for a certainty exactly what happened, it’s obvious that at some point in the life of the park, the fencerow was forgotten. Perhaps there was some miscommunication or disputation regarding who exactly was responsible for its maintenance; was it homeowners or the park service? Things happen (or in this case, don’t happen). Tasks fall through the cracks. To-do lists are lost and never re-prioritized. We are imperfect creatures running around on the big blue marble.

Here are some examples of the resulting neglect: gnarled and dismembered remnants of trees, and pseudo trees, eventually sacrificed to save the fence, and more than a few dollars in labor and material.

bwrend1 rendfence4a cawfence

Nearly every time we make our circuit around the tiny walking path before setting out onto the sidewalks of the neighborhood, I’m drawn to these “left behind.” They so firmly attached themselves to, and even in, the fence, that separation was impossible. There’s a weird violence to the whole thing, but, I think there’s also beauty.

The one at the top of this grouping reminds me of a decorative iron work on the front stoop of a fancy house. The one on the right, a pair of king crab claws, or maybe the critters from Tremors.


And finally, my “favorite.” Here’s the Old Man. Like many of his kind in Kentucky, he had aspirations to one day become a walking stick. Unfortunately, he waited too long. It’s OK fella. Someone out there thinks you’re beautiful.


Adventures of Chip de ‘Ville (Happy Birthday to Me!)


Hello all. Chip here.

Despite my Magic Eye of Discernment & Sensitivity, there are some things I just don’t get.

Yesterday, Prue* took me to the doc’s. Never a good time for me, yet Prue insists on it, and even thanks the bipeds who poke, prod, and stab my fragile, adorable, and diminutive body.

(Am I setting a tone appropriate for the generation of maximum guilt? Good.)

Upon our return home, Prue unpacked a box of medicine, then compared it to a similar medication she’s been giving me each month for the past year.

And then, everything went really weird. Prue starts talking, rapidly, to herself, then grabs the phone and start jabbing, muttering, re-jabbing, etc., until she finds someone else to talk to. Before I turn around twice (which I often do before I settle in for a nap), she’s off the phone, sitting on the floor in the hall and looking like a doctor just jabbed her three times in the keister.

I’ve never seen her so unstrung. She looked awful and was making weird noises and her face was all wet. Assuming some sort of fit, I felt I needed to keep an eye on her … so to speak, so I joined her in the hall, gave her a cuddle and a coupla licks on the nose.


The next hour or so was slightly more normal, although she still sounded very odd and her face and nose were really red. I take a nice long nap followed by our usual mid-to-late-afternoon walk … my personal favorite ’cause it’s when I get to wallow in the warm grass … and before I know it, we’re back at the doc’s office.

Aww, hell no!

Another stick, more weird noises and a wet face from Prue … and we’re back home. It’s time for kibble, a Greenie, and all is right with the world.

And today … we had meatloaf!

Like I said, some things I just don’t get.

Later, Chip!

*Person Responsible for Ultimately Everything

(Editor’s note: Hi all. Prue here. Yesterday, I realized that since I adopted Chip almost exactly one year ago, the topical I’ve been giving him monthly did not include a heartworm preventative. Convinced that my stupidity had infected my dear friend with deadly parasites, I had a brief emotional breakdown. Some quick research, heartfelt virtual handholding from several Facebook friends and family, followed by an emergency on-site test by the amazing professionals at Johnson Animal Clinic, and I am relieved to announce that the Chipster is parasite free … and of course is now on the correct medication. Today, we celebrated his good health, and our first-year anniversary as a couple, with meatloaf. Also, because the humane society didn’t have a DOB on record when I adopted Chip, I’ve designated Sept. 14 as his birthday. The docs at the clinic estimate his age at 6. We thank each of you for following the Adventures of Chip de ‘Ville.)

Adventures of Chip de ‘Ville (Scenes of Summertime)


Hi all. Chip here.

It’s the dog days of summer, so what better time to get back to the blog?

Prue* and I have been pretty busy, beginning with my first dental cleaning; rotating our presence around a few of Metro Louisville’s excellent parks; making two trips to the country to visit family; and finally an excellent production of Romeo and Juliet in Central Park by Kentucky Shakespeare.

I don’t remember a lot about the dental cleaning, but boy did I have a great dream! I was in a field of the softest Kentucky bluegrass ever. Half was in the sun and the other half was in shade so all I had to do was just roll over to warm or cool myself, accordingly. There was a never-ending row of posts to water, and I could have all the grilled meats and gooey cheese I wanted.

I awoke sans one tooth and with breath that, according to Prue, smells like nothing, which she says is a monumental improvement. Prue and I give major props to our vets at Johnson Animal Clinic for taking great care of me. All the vets are great but my personal favorite is Dr. Brian who refers to me as “Big Pup,” despite my diminutive stature. (The fact that I share this term of endearment with other canine clients in no way diminishes my affection for the dude.)

Prue’s “country cousins” do not currently own pets but they seem to like me OK, and they love grilled meats so I’d love to visit more often. Sometimes I get to go off leash, but I got into trouble once when I chased a geriatric beagle from the yard, across the street and into someone else’s yard. What can I say? The dog had a shifty look. Prue was concerned that, with the hound’s advanced age, I might have given him/her a coronary.

She prefers that I remain polite but aloof regarding strange canines, mostly because nearly every dog we meet weighs approximately twice as much as I do. I, on the other hand, reserve my fear and trepidation for the Blue Viper.


Sinister, isn’t it?

Why Prue brought this menace into our lives is beyond me. It’s a cunning reptile, posing most of the time as a retractable leash, but let the demon jump from Prue’s hand as we are walking and it transforms into a relentless pursuer intent upon injecting its venom into my ankles or backside. I have to admit, the thing terrifies me. Twice it has attempted to overtake me as I fled from its demon fangs. Prue has been forced to give me daily sedatives, cleverly disguised as Milk Bones, to keep me from fraying at the edges.

Such is the life of a dog.

If my prose seems a bit more dramatic than usual, blame the Bard. Kentucky Shakespeare welcomes pets to its performances in the parks, so our friend, “Auntie Brenda,” invited us to accompany her a few weeks ago to see Romeo & Juliet. It was a wonderful and unique performance. During the first act the cast wore traditional period costume. At the beginning of the second act, actors wore sort of a combination of period and contemporary dress. By the end of the play, everyone had transitioned to contemporary wardrobe.

In addition to being dog friendly, performances are free! Readers with well behaved doggies should take the opportunity to add some culture to their canine’s lives. Romeo & Juliet ends soon but the summer season extends to Aug. 12. (As a plus, Central Park has some enormous trees to sprinkle during intermission!)

Later, Chip

*Person Responsible for Ultimately Everything


Adventures of Chip de ‘Ville (So many parks, so little time)


Hi all. Chip here.

As you can see, I’ve been all in clover lately.

What a late, but great, Spring it has been. I’ve been so busy collecting photos and ideas for my column, I haven’t had time to dictate.

As a recap, this is a place for Prue* and me to share insights on a few of the dozens of top-flight parks in our area. Additionally, we wanted to find pet-friendly/pet-focused businesses in Metro Louisville. As a bonus, readers gain insight on my profound and inspiring thoughts about life.

My first greenspace columns were about Brown Park in St. Matthews and Seneca Park. It was at the latter where we saw the first glimpses of Spring 2016.


And where Prue was inspired to make me into a meme.


Very funny, indeed. This was the moment where we discovered that my walking limit for one, semi-continuous session is two miles. That’s it. Zero, zip, nada more. This discovery has enabled me often to enjoy the view of Seneca Park at Prue’s shoulder rather than her ankles. It’s simply lovely up there!

We enjoyed a trip to the Metro Park Services headquarters, Joe Creason Park, on Trevilian Way. This is a hub of recreation with all the conceivable amenities in the 41-acre Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve. The 3.1-mile hiking path is managed by the Louisville Nature Center, which is also on site and is deserving of a column all on its own.


The terrain is hilly but, according to Prue, isn’t so bad that she loses her will to live before reaching the top. The Louisville Tennis Center a nine clay-court facility is also on site. Across the road is the Louisville Zoo. Creason Park is named for an excellent Kentucky journalist whose columns were collected in the book, Crossroads and Coffee Trees.

Another piece of lovely rolling land in the heart of Louisville is George Rogers Clark Park. It’s located off Poplar Level Road across from the main campus of St. Xavier High School. One of the highlights, for me, is the seemingly never-ending collection of wooden posts just begging to be sprinkled.

grc pylons

There’s also a lovely old stone house that now can be rented for parties, receptions or other events. The park is named for Gen. George Rogers Clark, a hero of the American Revolution. (He sometimes is confused for his youngest brother, William, who accompanied Merriwether Lewis on the Lewis and Clark Expeditions.) In his later life, George Rogers Clark lived with his sister’s family at Locust Grove in Louisville, a beautiful estate with an 18th century Georgian house at the center. Clark died in Louisville and is buried at historic Cave Hill Cemetery.

Our last park on today’s tour has become one of our favorites. PeeWee Park is located off Klondike Lane quite near our home. Perhaps it was named for Louisville’s favorite baseball son, Pee Wee Reese, or maybe it’s because the park is very tiny. The park is the terminus for a dozen or more residential back yards, and we’ve had waves and conversations as we have meandered around the short path and taken a rest on the benches. I’ve met several cute kids, too, who always seem to want to pet me, which is cool so long as they don’t pull my tail. The other day, we had the playground to ourselves, which, I have to admit, was kind of boring.


(Gotta give Prue a break though. Pretty much impossible to take photos and make the thing-y go at the same time.)

We love PeeWee’s neighborhood park feel with its badminton court, multiple grills (one of them extra big) and porch-type swings. The neighborhood next door is a perfect place to get in more steps on the abundant sidewalks.

There are three more parks (and counting) to give you info on, and other places to explore. I hope you will stay tuned.

Later, Chip.

(*Person Responsible for Ultimately Everything)

Spring Scenes


It took some time, and a few false starts and late freezes, but Spring finally made it to Kentucky, and what a Spring it is. The dogwoods, pink and white, have never looked more lovely. Pollen counts are off the charts and I’m popping the Excedrin daily, but a walk in one of Louisville’s many gorgeous parks, and even the familiar terrain around my home, and the pain subsides.





Chip’s limit for one session of walking is a little under two miles. He hangs in there like a trooper with those little legs. Thankfully he’s pretty light to carry. Yesterday at Seneca Park, we had to take a breather.

Adventures of Chip de ‘Ville (Lydia House)


Hi all. Chip here.

Louisville is a dog-loving city. Now that it’s getting warmer (then colder, then warmer again), the bipeds are enjoying dining al fresco, and dozens of wise restauranteurs around the city invite customers to bring their canine companions to the patios. Even some stores with boring and/or breakable stuff where dogs (inexplicably) aren’t allowed inside are owned by really cool humans who put water dishes outside on the stoop. Well done.

Prue* and I found a rare gem recently, though, an amazing restaurant that welcomes dogs (and I assume felines, should they deign to emerge from their castles) inside.

Lydia House is located in the Schnitzelburg neighborhood of Louisville’s Germantown area at 1101 Lydia St.

We went for lunch. Tuesdays are Cuban Sandwich Day, and it just so happened we were there when President Obama was on his historic trip to the island, so Prue felt obliged to order one. Never a fan of pickles, she nevertheless embraced the experience and said it was one of the best things between two slices of bread she’s ever tasted.

As for me, I got a few bites of pork (where have pigs been all my life?) and some brought-along treats from our recent trip to Three Dogs Bakery.

The bar is vintage and above it is a sign bearing the name of the original business: Flabby’s. Certainly there are items on the menu that could maintain or produce another Flabby (gouda mac and cheese, grilled bread pudding!), but make no mistake, one look at the menu with my Magic Eye of Discernment & Sensitivity (below), and I knew that this is real, good-for-you-as-well-as-good-tasting food. More on that in a sec.


I was welcomed warmly and appropriately fawned over by owner/chef Emily (above) and two members of her staff, one of them server dude, Nathan. With only one small tattoo, Prue commented later that she likely was the most un-cool person to show up there recently, but was made to feel right at home. (I would say this is chiefly because of me, but that would be ungracious and arrogant; I don’t want to detract from my cuteness.) We also briefly met Emily’s own canine companion, Biggie Smalls. I’m glad it was after the photo was taken. As you can see in the top photo, I instantly fell a little in love with Emily. (She’s cute and smelled wonderful!) It would have been so awkward had Biggie shown up earlier.

Now, back to that amazing menu. There are vegan and vegetarian offerings, and many in-house creations such as kimchi, ginger-pickled carrots, dressings, and even beverages, but that’s just the tip of the culinary iceberg. Upon reviewing the menu and following their Facebook page, it’s obvious that this is a very creative kitchen that is mixing it up all the time. It would be a huge mistake just to go by the online menu and risk missing the specials.

“Noodles at Night” (vegetarian or meat broth with soft egg, scallions, the aforementioned ginger-pickled carrots with your choice of yummy add-ins) have become such a hit they’re being added to the lunch menu. In fact, the entire menu is expanding next week and there’s no way to list all the goodies.

But here are three: cherry habanero dressing, herbed goat cheese, and chia seed coconut milk iced mocha!

There’s a patio, original art for sale, frequent live music at night, and a bustling brunch trade on Saturday and Sunday.

And, best of all, your canine can come with you all the way into the restaurant.

You bet I’m in love.

Later, Chip

*Person Responsible for Ultimately Everything


Adventures of Chip de ‘Ville (Three Dog Bakery)


Hi all. Chip here.

On a recent chilly day, Prue* and I went in search of a new destination for our routine, and as far as I’m concerned, we hit the Mother Lode.

Three Dog Bakery opened its doors about 17 years ago, and Pastry Chef Brenda (above) has been baking each of those years. The recipes are very pet-friendly, no sugar or salt, and there are also wheat- and grain-free offerings.

Brenda says she has the perfect job. She gets to bake but is never tempted to eat the treats herself, although I have no idea why; they are so yummy!


Prue says the treats are as pretty as any she’s seen in a bipedal bakery. Some are refrigerated and need to be eaten in a few days (no problem!) and others are good for weeks. (Why would you wait?)

As you can see in the top photo, Brenda also bakes specialty cakes and other treats on request. (I’m hoping for a bone-shaped cake for my birthday this year, even though we don’t know the exact date.)

They even have a party room! (Hint, hint)

The store is well stocked with all sorts of neat-looking merchandise, and Prue says I have to mention that they have stuff for cats, too. (Whatever.)

Three Dogs is a franchise, but with nearly 20 years of doggy-treat history in the ‘Ville, this shop is as local as Churchill Downs. They host adoption events, obedience classes (I must enroll Prue soon!) and pet first aid workshops. How neat is that?

Three Dog Bakery is on Chenoweth Square in St. Matthews. They have their own Facebook page, so check it out.


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