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They’ll always be kids to me

(Courier-Journal photo by Bill Luster) It is 3:19 p.m., and I have no idea what I was doing at this time 30 years ago. I was living in Elizabethtown, Ky., … Continue reading

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Confessions of a reluctant protestor

Note: The author is a resident of the El Conquistador condo community in Louisville, Ky. Her views are her own and do not represent anyone else at El Conquistador, Casa … Continue reading

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Current situation

Brandy: “What was that noise?” Chip: “It’s just PRUE* making her ‘infuriated’ sound.” Aussie: “Did someone say ‘fur?’” Chip: “Not the same thing.” Aussie: “What happened? Who screwed up? Was … Continue reading

October 5, 2017 · 2 Comments

Celebrate subversive literature this week

There is a great deal of chatter these days on the responsibilities and consequences of living in a country that holds freedom of expression in high esteem. I can think … Continue reading

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Toxic Trolling Takes a Toll

Writing for Thrive Global, Gigi Falk recently shared a post filled with links to great articles about cyber bullying and the generally toxic online environment we have today. There are … Continue reading

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That was a stretch

I ran across this Facebook post recently and felt compelled to share it. Bill Penzey Jr., CEO of Penzeys Spices, has been very outspoken about his disapproval of the new … Continue reading

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Marketing: To thine own self be true

This week’s Marketing Monday post won’t be for everyone, especially if you have a weak stomach, so that’s why I decided to post today. For this week, let’s designate today, … Continue reading

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Krakauer case could help break college wall of silence

There’s an important case being heard at the Montana Supreme Court today. Journalist/author Jon Krakauer’s efforts could help break a wall of silence at those college campuses where rape often … Continue reading

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Soundtrack of a lifetime

“Oh no.” I said it to the dog, the ether, the universe yesterday, like many people, when checking my Twitter feed. Prince had died. I said the same sad, pointless … Continue reading

April 22, 2016 · 2 Comments

Praying for the rise of the Common Sense Party

Like religion, education, and vocation, my political views were shaped, markedly, by the influence of my parents and grandparents. My parents weren’t showy about their politics, but they were never … Continue reading

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