Chip de ‘Ville’s ‘Pooch Ponderings’


Hi all. Chip here.

Various issues and topics on my mind these days. Just when I think I’ve got something figured out, another subject crowds in. Kinda like another dog I know.

Let’s start with one of my favorite subjects, food. Prue* took the photo above of me enjoying the remnants of an elk I felled earlier this week.

Hang on.

She’s telling me I can’t lie on her blog. When did we decide this?


To say that I enjoy my food is an understatement. I can clean a supper dish like nobody’s business. Usually, I’m done before Prue reseals the bag or returns the can to the ‘fridge. The aroma of browning hamburger drives me nuts, and I can hear the sound of a Ziploc bag opening behind closed doors and when I’m asleep and buried under a couple of pounds of doggie blanket. Yep, I’m that good.

I’m a machine when it comes to food.

I really didn’t think it was a big deal when I upchucked an entire serving of soft food five seconds after I consumed it. We dogs are pretty practical about such things and I was getting ready to take another run at it when Prue started making gagging noises and looked at me like I had two heads or something.

A “friend” (yeah, right) suggested incorporating an obstacle in my supper dish (below).


Some friend. (That’s a can of mushrooms, by the way.) In no time, I shall have a tongue as agile as a giraffe’s. Prue says she expects me eventually to be able to tie her shoelaces for her.

With the obstacle in place, it now takes minutes, not seconds, to consume my kibble. Wet food I get every now and again, in small bites and mostly from Prue’s hand. Silly, but I suppose this arrangement is better than involuntary regurgitation. Maybe you, dear readers, have come up with bright ideas to deprive, I mean, limit, food intake for your pets. Feel free to share them on our blog and/or Facebook page.

Another subject I’ve been pondering is the recent discovery here in the ‘Ville of four puppies left to freeze beside a dumpster near an industrial park. Two of the shepherd-mix babies already were dead when a kind fellow on his sanitation route discovered them. He took the surviving pair to the Kentucky Humane Society.

The circle of hell to which the perpetrator should be consigned is a question for another day.

Compassionate bipeds everywhere were outraged. The fuzzballs, named Samson and Gregory, were instant media darlings. KHS was inundated with calls from people wanting to adopt one or both.

There was so much interest in the pair, KHS decided the only fair way to place the dogs was a lottery among qualified applicants. (Story from WHAS-11, Louisville’s ABC affiliate.)

As a fellow canine, I am relieved and excited that these little guys who had such a lousy start to life are going to find great homes. I sure do wish there had been four puppies in the lottery instead of just two.

But I have to wonder if those dozens of people who contacted KHS, and possibly completed an adoption application, will consider bringing home an adult dog or cat.

Does compassion rely solely on the cute factor? I hope not.

I understand the appeal of a puppy, believe me. (I was freaking adorable, after all.) But I hope, very much, that when Samson and Gregory are no longer headlines, some of those people moved to tears by their plight will follow through on pet adoption, no matter the age or breed of the animal. There’s a great deal of love to be had from dogs and cats grateful for a warm, clean home, food in the supper dish, a lap in which to snuggle, and the occasional belly rub.

For details on adoption and on current animals who need homes, contact the Kentucky Humane Society.

Later, Chip

*Person Responsible for Ultimately Everything



Chip endorses Grossberg for Mrs. Kentucky


Hello all. Chip, here.

It’s too bad that pets are deprived the vote. There’s no telling how much better the world would be were we given the opportunity to run it. Prue* tells me that, I may be denied the vote, but I can always endorse, no matter the race.

In that case, let me endorse, with enthusiasm, Erica Grossberg as Mrs. Kentucky 2016!

The pageant is Jan. 23 at the Oldham County Arts Center. Currently Mrs. Louisville, the former Erica Thornbury is a native of Oldham County, a graduate of the University of Louisville and teaches Spanish for Jefferson County Public Schools. As a mostly-Chihuahua, the latter really made me sit up and take notice, but it was her platform that sealed the deal for me.

And of course, she’s drop-dead gorgeous, too! I don’t kiss just anyone’s photo.


Erica’s platform is pet adoption. She’s a big supporter of the Kentucky Humane Society, an organization close to my heart, too. It was the KHS that brought Prue and I together.

You’ll notice in the photo above, Erica is posing with her canine companion, Betsy, a lovely golden retriever Erica rescued several years ago. En route to Florida on vacation last month, Erica and her husband, Daniel, got word that Betsy was very sick. They returned home immediately and the diagnosis was very sad. Betsy has cancer and is in her last days. She’s hanging in there, though, responding to palliative care and getting all the love and hugs she can possibly bear.

There’s a nifty twist to the Mrs. Kentucky competition. Supporters have the option of raising money for delegates’ causes, and in the process, can ensure their favorite “Mrs.” gets in the top six if she garners enough donations! Just click on the menu below her photo on this page: http://www.mrskentucky.net/contestants.htm to cast your vote and make your contribution.

I hope you will join Prue and I in supporting a lovely person, inside and out, in her quest for the Mrs. Kentucky title. Rest assured that your contribution goes to a very worthy cause, and that if Erica wins the title, she will represent Kentucky brilliantly at the national competition.

*Person Responsible for Ultimately Everything

Check out this photo of Erica speaking to the Ballard Animal Relief Club of Ballard High School about pet adoption.


Meet Chip


For years I’ve been visiting a local pet supply store across the street from my home. The Kentucky Humane Society has a small headquarters there, as it does in other Feeders Supply stores throughout Louisville, and always has several cats and dogs available for adoption.

In all my previous visits, the canines up for adoption have been too large and/or high energy for my small place, or the animals were up in years and I didn’t feel as though I had the financial means to give them the care they would require.

Last week, though, I saw Chip.

He’s about two years old and in good health. The vet tells me Chip was born with the problem to his right eye. I’m not sure if he can see anything out of it, but as far as I’m concerned, it only adds to his character.

While I do not condemn others for dressing up their pets, I’ve always done a little eye roll when I’ve seen photos of dogs and cats subjected to such treatment. However, now that I have Chip, I admit there is an urge to get him an eyepatch and pirate costume for Halloween. I hope I can contain myself.

He’s quite the charmer and was already housebroken, so I almost feel guilty for getting such a great pet so easily.

If you are looking for a pet, I encourage you to try adoption first. Sure everyone loves puppies and kittens (and quite often there are some fur babies at the KHS) but there are so many “extra” adult dogs and cats out there today, it is a great way to fill your need for canine/feline companionship while also doing the right thing for your community.

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