Adventures of Chip de ‘Ville (A love story)


Hi all, Chip here.

I’m a lucky dog. Since moving in with Prue*, I’ve met several of her friends and family. They are a good bunch, and recently one has risen to the top, Auntie Sheila.

She and Prue have known each other since something they call “fifth grade,” which evidently means forever. There have been pretty long gaps of them not staying in touch, but this year Auntie Sheila and her husband moved to Louisville, so the gals are back in each other’s orbit.

Prue loves to take photos but since I’ve come into her life, she’s found it difficult to use what she refers to as her “big girl camera” because I’m frequently at the end of one of her wrists. Recently, Auntie Sheila road shotgun on a Sunday afternoon trip east of Louisville into the Bluegrass Region. It cemented our relationship. Can’t you see the love?

sheilanchip1 sheilanchipsheilanchip2

*Person Responsible for Ultimately Everything

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