The ‘old’ that is ‘new’ again

Previously I’ve mentioned in this space that print and direct mail are still viable marketing options. The USPS has recently compiled a great deal of research that drives that point home, but the specific audience consuming these hard copy communications methods might surprise you.


Yep, today’s “young-to-youngish” adults (born in the mid-1980s to early 2000s) are looking forward to going to the mailbox, just like I did when I was a kid.

Make no mistake, millennials are still plugged in. They likely are texting while going to the mailbox, but they are interested in catalogs, mailers, and old-fashioned letters. This is the crowd that, despite the affordability and availability of e-readers, likes the feel of a book in their hands. And because there is less material arriving in mailboxes today than in decades past, consumers are paying more attention to what is there.

As you develop your marketing and communications strategy, embrace the multi-channel approach, and include print and direct mail in the plan. Below are links to a couple of related posts on this topic that I have written previously. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like assistance in promoting your products, services, or causes.




Old school still works


Small businesses ignore social media at their own peril, however, so-called “old school” communications still have a part to play in promoting goods and services to your potential customers.

The United States Postal Service has seen better days, and like many governmental entities, the post office can be a headache to deal with, but in some cases there simply is no substitute.

Every Door Direct Mail is an example of what the post office does effectively. If you depend on holiday sales for your bread and butter and only do one mailing annually, the EDDM method could be perfect for your business.

The biggest advantage of EDDM: You don’t have to create or purchase a mailing list.

Like a social media presence, an up-to-date mailing list for your small business is a must, but if you are just getting started, the Every Door method is definitely the way to go.

It’s a no brainer for grand openings/re-openings, too.

The online tool helps you focus your efforts within a few miles of your small business by city and ZIP code. There is a minimum mailing of 5,000 pieces and EDDM offers a great deal of flexibility on the size and design of your mail piece. The tool guides you through the entire process.

Fill up those mailboxes in advance of Small Business Saturday Nov. 29. Need help developing a plan? Contact me at danniewriter@gmail.com or (502) 432-8725.


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